Our family has been in this area for the last 35 years guiding, hunting, trapping, camping, fishing, etc. We have both ran businesses in this industry prior to now. Brenda is a licensed angling guide in this area so customers can try their luck at fishing. We spent four years riding along on a trap line getting to know the trail system, different wildlife habitats and corridors, and finding different ways into the back country of the Anzac Watershed. We then spent two years in the Table River Watershed, exploring with trapper friends who have been in this area since 1964. Once we found the hot springs, we immediately applied for a 30 year, renewable land tenure for the entire area.

Our area covers the Anzac and Table River Watersheds utilizing existing Forest Service Roads and trap line trails on Crown Land to access the remote wilderness. This area provides a number of different habitat types in a very confined space. Moose, grizzly, wolf, elk, wolverine, lynx, and black bear as well as lots of small critters are all prevalent in this area and can easily be caught on film. As well, Dolly Varden (Bull Trout), Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, and Rainbow Trout are abundant in the numerous lakes, rivers and streams in the region. We know that very few people get the chance to witness the wilderness firsthand and we would like to offer this to them.