Build With Us

Come, Help us Build the Adventure!

Come and be a part of building this wilderness paradise. See some of BC’s last untamed wilderness! This is no drive-up hot springs retreat, we are a day’s journey into the bush, well off the grid.

Be ready for an adventure. We never know what Mother Nature has in store for us, depending on time of year and weather conditions.

Our Hagglund makes very little noise going up the trail so wildlife viewing is awesome. We are located in one of the best Grizzly Bear habitats in the world. Moose, caribou, deer, wolverine, beaver, and black bear are abundant in this area.

“Getting away from it all and getting back to basics” would be our main theme. It’s the eagerness to see wildlife in their natural habitat, see waterfalls cascading down a ravine, see a natural Hot Springs pouring out of the side of a rock face. And share the joy of working together to build a unique wilderness retreat.

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